Pain is the most common symptom for which individuals seek medical help. Acute pain may easily evolve into chronic pain, which can become difficult to treat. Many commonly prescribed, commercially available pain-relief medications help the symptoms associated with chronic conditions and or addictions. Many patients taking medications come to accept these conditions as part of daily life, but they may find a better solution through pharmacy compounding.

Pain management is designed to treat chronic pain and allow a person to live a full, enjoyable life. Pain management requires a person’s dedication, commitment, and knowledge in order to achieve the best results.


Chronic pain caused by an accident, illness or disability can touch every aspect of your life, from your daily activities to your personal relationships to your plans for the future. The American Pain Medication Society reports these statistics from the 2006 Voices of Pain Survey, conducted by
The American Pain Foundation:

If you’re suffering from restricted activity, social isolation, underemployment and depression due to chronic pain, self-medication may seem like the only option. In fact, compassionate care is available from professionals who understand the challenges that you face when you’re coping with lifelong pain and addiction.

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